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Gift Guide: Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Gift Guide: Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Christmas is still a ways away, but the holiday shopping starts now!

We decided to make your gift shopping a little easier by pointing you toward the best-selling sets that won't break the bank:

These classic works by influential female authors from the nineteenth century are perfect for modern-day shelves with jackets designed with antique motifs in a stunning contemporary color palette. 
Perfect for teens and tweens, this YA fantasy trilogy is a perfect balance of fun and intellectual, with high fantasy magic rooted in real-life physics and philosophy.
Urban Fantasy and Historical Sci-Fi come together—this time with Paranormal Romance between an ancient vampire and a witch with rare abilities. The popular online fandom exploded recently following a 3 season TV adaptation named for the first book, A Discovery of Witches.
The perfect gift for the classical scholar, mythology geek, or anyone who wants to read for themselves the tales that inspired millennia of storytelling.
Our banded BabyLit sets are designed to bring classic literature to kids in a fun, educational way. This particular set is the perfect starter, as imaginative tales of magic and mystery are already familiar to them through other children’s media.
In this set of novels, essays, and poetry, James Baldwin tackles themes of race, sexuality, and religion that he struggled with as he discovered his own identity in the 1960s. 
A beloved series for 150 years, Little Women is all about the trials and tribulations of girlhood as four sisters come of age and discover themselves. 
This Lord of the Rings set is the perfect gift for fantasy fans, young or old, who want to take part in the most legendary legendarium. Whether they’re die-hard fans, love the movies, or could just use a little adventure, this set is sure to please. 
Our favorite YA tropes of ‘the chosen one’ and ‘battle royale’ are given a new face in this ongoing gritty sci-fi series that deals with hot social issues— on Mars.
We release a new design of our best-selling Christmas Classics set each year for all those who revel in the holiday spirit. It's the perfect companion for your Elf-on-the-Shelf and a fantastic gift for everyone on Santa’s list!
Looking to go all out? Check out the Best Bang for Your Buck guide here.
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