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Bronze ornamental gothic illustration of the word "Crave". Illustration set against a pink to black gradients surrounded by embossed style ornaments and a pink heart centered across the spines.

Tracy Wolff’s beloved young-adult series, Crave, is reimagined as an exquisite set from Juniper Books, with covers inspired by the paranormal romance at the heart of the series! Experience the fan-favorite saga of vampires, shapeshifters, and captivating romance with this set, crafted in collaboration with Tracy Wolff herself.

This set includes all six hardcover volumes of the Crave series, adorned with a unique Juniper Books cover design. Drawing inspiration from the gothic aesthetics of Katmere Academy, the supernatural school central to the story, the covers showcase richly rendered artwork reminiscent of elegantly carved stone, evoking the themes of romantic intrigue and magic present throughout the series.

All 6 hardcover books from Entangled Press are included with the permission of the author & publisher.

Crave Series Book Set

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