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The Lunar Chronicles Book Set

Unlock a captivating dystopian series that reimagines beloved fairy tales with a futuristic twist.

The Lunar Chronicles centers around Cinder, a teenage half-human, half-cyborg, as she battles a wicked stepmother, rebels against the evil Queen Levana, and forges alliances with Scarlett, Cress, and Winter to help save their kingdom–and the world.

With 6 hardcover books wrapped in Juniper Books' collectible dust jackets, including Fairest: Levana's Story and Stars Above—a collection of enchanting tales—The Lunar Chronicles Book Set is a must-have for any fan of this dystopian series. The dust jackets are designed to fit perfectly over the hardcover books published by Macmillan, and feature a beautiful galactic landscape.

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Dust jacket artwork copyright ©️ 2023 by Juniper Books, LLC. Used with permission from Macmillan and Marissa Meyer.

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The Lunar Chronicles Book Set

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