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Purple custom collectible dust jackets from Juniper Books for The Trials of Apollo books.

As the newest addition to our Riordanverse collection, our Trials of Apollo Set perfectly complements the previously introduced Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus designs, bringing the magic and myth of Rick Riordan’s series to your shelves. 

Join the epic adventure of teenager Lester Papadopoulos as he takes on a series of trials to regain his spot on Mount Olympus as the god Apollo. Illustrated in tones of rich, royal purple, our jacket design for this set follows in the tradition of our Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series for a complementary and visually striking addition to the collection! Each jacket also features a symbol at the base of the spine for readers to discover the deeper meaning behind. 

All five books in hardcover are included, published by Hyperion. 

The Trials of Apollo Book Set

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