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Gift Guide: Best Bang for Your Buck

Gift Guide: Best Bang for Your Buck

Christmas is still a ways away, but the holiday shopping starts now

We decided to make your gift shopping a little easier by pointing you toward the best-selling custom book sets that'll blow them away:
Throne of Glass Set
Revenge, redemption, lies and secrets, a kick-ass female lead, and her morally grey love interests are what drive this Dark Fantasy romance series that took #BookTok by storm. 
This set is a great first step in understanding the different perspectives and vibrant communities that make up the great cultural mosaic of America. The set includes eight contemporary novels from NYT best-selling diaspora authors covering topics from modern religious discrimination to the ongoing effects of long-ago imperialism, and much more. 
With 9 main books, several novellas, and a TV series that made the fandom explode into a dedicated online community, Outlander is the romantic epic of this list. Science-Fantasy and thoroughly researched Historical Romance—who doesn’t love a time travel love story
The complete works of one of the most influential and gifted 20th century writers offers a unique peek into the mind of the man behind the words. If the elephant design isn't your style, we also offer this set in a more minimalist signature design.
Teens and tweens are hard to shop for because what’s ‘cool’ now might not be ‘cool’ by Christmas, but Harry Potter is timeless and we offer 4 different designs of the complete series! These include the above Train Book Set, the House Sets, the Mashup Set, and the Hogwarts Set
No literary library is complete without works of the great Black American writers: Including essays by W.E.B. DuBois and James Baldwin, novels by Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison, and Richard Wright, and autobiographies by Maya Angelou and Frederick Douglass.
From Jane Eyre to Jane Austen, from Dickens to Orwell, this set has your classics covered with three modern minimalist color palettes to choose from. No two sets are the same and are curated based on availability, but you can choose the books you want to have included by messaging customer service.
Perfect for the fashionistas, this set of oversized coffee table books covers three of the most prolific designers and brands of the modern age: John Galliano’s Dior, Prada, and Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel.
Wave your magic wand and open up the interactive world of whimsy inside the the beautifully illustrated MinaLima Fairy Tales. Discover something new with each read as the pages are overflowing with wondrous designs. Though the books were designed with children in mind, this set is magical to princes and princesses of all ages. 
The Wheel of Time has everything you could ask for in a fantasy series: Clear and complex world-building without long passages of exposition, tense romance, multiple detailed systems of magic, politics and battle strategy, Chosen Ones, Dark Lords, an expansive cast of dimensional characters, and an epic timeline…all expertly crafted.
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