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Literary Gift Guide: Tara Donne

Literary Gift Guide: Tara Donne

We’re always excited to find out what people are reading, have read and want to read. We’re excited to bring you another holiday gift guide from our friend, photographer Tara Donne.


1. Favorite book to give as a gift?

TD: The New Food Lover’s Companion — every kitchen question answered without having to Google anything! I like getting real books dirty in the kitchen.

2. Favorite book you have ever received?
TD: Bringing Nature Home — gorgeous flower arrangements by my studio mate and friend, Nicolette Owen, photographed by Ngoc Minh Ngo and styled by Amy Wilson

3. What is your favorite holiday dish and please share recipe?
TD: Wild Apple Journal’s Celeriac Potato Gratin

4. Holiday gift you plan to give?
TD: Crafts and other goodies from my recent travels in Africa, including door stops and other fun things from Ashanti Designs in Cape Town.

5. Holiday gift you’d like to receive?
TD: A Sonos Play 1 (in white) to add to the one I have in my bedroom and make for stereo listening!

We are excited to have joined forces with Quarterlane and to bring their wonderful work to the Juniper Journal. This post was created by their team and we hope you enjoy it and their other content!

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